Chihuahua Sweaters

Chihuahua Sweaters with many on sale including this hoodie (at the time of post)


Chihuahua Sweaters On Sale

Here we have a nice little assortment of Chihuahua Sweaters.

At this time I did this post ALL of them were on sale.

The plan is to keep Chihuahua sweaters on sale refreshed daily so there will nearly always be a sale on Chihuahua clothing here.

PS: Be sure to watch the video below. That is a Chihuahua with an Attitude. lol

Zack & Zoey Turtleneck Dog Sweater and Scarf Multi-Bright Size XXS XX-Small

A few more Chihuahua sweaters for your sweet little doggy (with the big personality)

And feel free to read our article about Clothes For Chihuahuas

East Side Collection Acrylic Deck The Halls Dog Sweater, X-Small, 10-Inch, Blue
List Price: $17.99
Sale Price: $6.99
Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days

Speaking of Chihuahuas With Attitude. Check out the Chihuahua Video. (so funny) Is your dog like this?

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