Clothes For Chihuahua: Apparel And Accessories

Clothes For Chihuahua: Dressing Your Little Chihuahua Angel

Clothes for Chihuahua like this Top Rated pink Fleece Hoodie by Fashion Pet really keep your dog warm

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Finding clothes for Chihuahua is rewarding and fun, when you know where to look for them.

Owning four Chihuahuas ranging in age from 2-11 years old, I have found they need to be warm and they love to be in their clothes. With winter well on the way, now is a great time to get your Chihuahua baby some warm clothes. Me too :)

So where can we find these specialty dog clothes? Try Our New Chihuahua Clothes Finder

I’ve got some great resources. First, I just made another page that has Chihuahua Sweaters (many on sale)

> Next. You can also find more Warm Clothes For Chihuahua here

My one little Chihuahua boy, named Paco (Yes. That is Paco’s REAL picture above), likes to wear sports  related t-shirts while the three girls, Tika, Harley and Stoney are into warm pink ruffly sweaters and rhinestone collars.

I decided to build this blog to share my experience with you, a fellow lover of little Chihuahuas, looking to learn about and buy small dog clothing.

But, where do you find these items?

Read on to learn more about finding great clothes for Chihuahua and why these little doggies may need them…

Clothes For Chihuahua | Why Do They Need Them?

Clothes for Chihuahua puts together reviews on cute dog apparel like this

Clothes for Chihuahua puts together reviews on cute dog apparel like this Adorable Grey and Pink Dog sweater dress from Fashion Pet

There are many people out there that are avid lovers of animals. Some of us prefer fish, while others are cat lovers.  The most popular domestic pet is a dog. Dogs are valued for their loving and playful companionship and some even do important work in the medical field with special needs individuals.

The Chihuahua is a very popular breed of dog. Chihuahuas are tiny and friendly dogs.  The average sized Chihuahua weighs in at a whopping three to six pounds.

Although interest in this kind of dog as a pet is on the rise, prospective owners should really focus more on the Chihuahuas needs. These dogs, being so small, are very prone to cold. Their body temperature can drop very quickly, depending on their environment so having clothes for Chihuahua is very important!

Although it may sound silly to some, Chihuahuas need to wear clothing. There is no need to have your dog in designer threads, but doing some research on clothes for Chihuahuas will help you when you start dressing your little angel.

It seems as though dressing up pets became very popular with celebrity videos and pictures being published. These images depicted socialites with their favorite companions all dolled up with special clothes for Chihuahua. Some of these images are merely to advertise a product, or to be a trendsetter.  But Chihuahuas are a different breed. So clothes for Chihuahua? Yes. They actually require clothing, especially in rain and cold climates.

There are many benefits to researching your clothes for Chihuahua. These little animals need clothes for protection and warmth. Think about what you need to be dressed in when venturing out in cold or wet weather. The same principal applies when buying clothing for Chihuahuas. Sweaters, jackets, and boots are just some of the items that you need to purchase for your pet. Many Chihuahua owners love expensive, designer products. Look to this site to find apparel and accessories that best suit your Chihuahua as well as your pocketbook, or simply search the Internet.

Chihuahua clothing is mandatory for all seasons whether it is a male, female, girl or boy, especially with the hairless breeds. Whether it is warm or blustery cold outside, the Chihuahua always tends to shiver. Some people say that this is because they are nervous and need to be held. Others say it is because of their small size. Whatever the case may be, it is still the smallest breed of dog in the world, so be sure you are aware of what special needs that entails.

Chihuahua t-shits, fashion and accessoriesDuring the spring and summer months, a cute T-shirt or light sweater should be all you need to add to your closet of clothes for Chihuahua.  If it is raining though, make sure to have a raincoat and booties on hand, also.

During the fall and winter, more apparel is required to keep your dog warm. Heavy sweaters, scarves, and winter coats are essential in clothes for Chihuahua. Also, make sure to have many blankets around your house. Chihuahuas are burrowers by nature, especially during the cold months.

Buying fun and creative fashion items doesn’t have to stop at clothes for Chihuahuas. If you have the extra time and money, you can really dress up your tiny little Chihuahua puppy angel. A rhinestone collar and matching hairpins is a great way to say, Look at Me!

Your Chihuahua will enjoy its meal even more when fed out of a customized food bowl. Make sure your little angel always has a good nights sleep and you can really ensure this with a luxury mattress. Is your pet afraid of the dark? Don’t worry; you can always put a nightlight in their sleeping area. Most can be customized to look exactly like your Chihuahua.

Have fun when buying clothes for Chihuahua. If a particular holiday is approaching, check out some fancy Chihuahua clothing. Are you having friends over to watch a big game on television?  Why not look into a jersey with your favorite teams logo for your Chihuahua? Is Halloween coming? Believe it or not, there are many costumes in all sorts of themes including pirates and cheerleaders, depending on the sex of your dog.

With this being said, make sure you know the accurate size of your teacup or toy Chihuahua before you purchase any clothing.  Most of these companies do not refund your money if there is a problem. This is usually for heath concerns regarding disease and parasites.

Keeping your Chihuahua happy and warm, whether it is a puppy or an adult cannot only be a fun experience, but it is also necessary for the health of the dog. Following guidelines and doing research will help you pick out the perfect clothes for Chihuahua.

Puppy kisses and happy tail wags!

PS: Watch this cute little chihuahua video about a little dog that wants to wear her sweater. Funny!

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